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Is third party car insurance always cheaper?

I can remember well the time leading up to insuring my first car. I was getting quote after quote on different makes and models as I tried to make up my mind as to which car was right for me.

Some Popular Small Cars in the UK

Although it is not always the case it quite often works out that smaller city cars end up being cheaper to insure. They’re also good first cars to own because their lack of power will usually also help to keep you out of trouble. So what are some of the most popular small cars in the UK? Here are a few seasoned favourites.

Does modifying a car affect the insurance premium?

For many young drivers out there the first thing they want to do when they get their hands on their new car is to modify it in some way. Perhaps you want to fit some new alloy wheels, maybe you want to install a spoiler or some new smarter looking lights or you might just want to change the gear knob or add a sun visor strip across a the front windscreen. What many new drivers don’t realise however is that some of these modifications might well invalidate your insurance policy if you don’t tell the insurance company that you have made them.

When a policy has been cancelled due to failed direct debits

In yesterday’s post we talked a little about making sure you give all the correct information when getting a quote for car insurance. One example of this is when you are asked the question ‘Have you or has anyone else named on the policy ever had an insurance policy cancelled or had special terms imposed’. Now, off the top of your head you might not take this question all that seriously and you might think it only relates to some sort of insurance fraud you may have committed or something along those lines, leading you to believe that you can answer a solid ‘No’ to this question. Actually though, could it be possible that you have actually had your car insurance cancelled at some time in the past, perhaps because of something as simple as failing to pay your direct debits on time?

Giving correct information when getting a car insurance quote

When getting your first car insurance quote or getting any car insurance quote for that matter you are asked a huge variety of questions. Many of these questions will relate to the make and model of the vehicle and to your personal details such as your age, address and occupation etc. Some of these questions might seem quite insignificant to you, questions such as whether you have ever had an insurance policy cancelled in the past, where you keep your car overnight or what you use the vehicle for. Because they seem insignificant – or because they can sometimes seriously affect the cost of the quotes you receive – it can sometimes be tempting to be a little shall we say ‘selective’ with the answers you give to these questions just to get a cheaper quote. It can also be easy to just guess at the answer to a question if you’re not entirely sure of the correct details. As tempting as it can be to do this it would be extremely unwise to go down this route, why?