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Should You Protect Your No Claims Discount to Save Money?

Your no claims discount or bonus is one of the most important parts of your whole car insurance policy. This is something you build up over the years in order to reduce your premium gradually. Of course, if you then have an accident and your insurance company can’t claim back the repair bill from someone else then your no claims discount will be affected.


Is GAP Insurance Worth It?

When you buy a new car you will probably get offered something called GAP insurance. This is called Guaranteed Asset Protection by some people and Guaranteed Auto Protection by others.

As with all types of insurance policy, if you take it out there is no guarantee that you will ever use it. However, in order to understand whether or not it is worth paying for GAP insurance we need to learn a bit more about the subject.


Driving Holidays and Car Insurance When Travelling Abroad

Is there a greater feeling in the world than the one you get when you take your car away on holiday with you? The immense sensation of freedom that comes with heading off abroad with your vehicle is certainly hard to beat but what about the practical issues involved in this?

Rather than letting worries about driving in a foreign country ruin the mood or put you off the idea altogether, why not find out first of all about the insurance and the other different points to bear in mind?


Does modifying a car affect the insurance premium?

For many young drivers out there the first thing they want to do when they get their hands on their new car is to modify it in some way. Perhaps you want to fit some new alloy wheels, maybe you want to install a spoiler or some new smarter looking lights or you might just want to change the gear knob or add a sun visor strip across a the front windscreen. What many new drivers don’t realise however is that some of these modifications might well invalidate your insurance policy if you don’t tell the insurance company that you have made them.


Will the Self-Driving Google Car Change Driving and Car Insurance Forever?

We have seen stories about Google’s self-driving car for ages but it was only recently revealed to the world.

All this time, the pictures shown have always contained a normal car with cameras and sensors and things stuck on it. However, it turns out that they were working on a unique self-driving car all the time.