Giving correct information when getting a car insurance quote

When getting your first car insurance quote or getting any car insurance quote for that matter you are asked a huge variety of questions. Many of these questions will relate to the make and model of the vehicle and to your personal details such as your age, address and occupation etc. Some of these questions might seem quite insignificant to you, questions such as whether you have ever had an insurance policy cancelled in the past, where you keep your car overnight or what you use the vehicle for. Because they seem insignificant – or because they can sometimes seriously affect the cost of the quotes you receive – it can sometimes be tempting to be a little shall we say ‘selective’ with the answers you give to these questions just to get a cheaper quote. It can also be easy to just guess at the answer to a question if you’re not entirely sure of the correct details. As tempting as it can be to do this it would be extremely unwise to go down this route, why?

Don’t invcar-for-business-usealidate your insurance

I can tell you one sure thing about car insurance companies and that is that they will be more than happy to take your money from you no matter what information you put on the form. I can also tell you one other extremely important thing though and that is that they will not be so happy to pay out on your policy if you happen to be involved in an accident, in fact they will sometimes go to extreme lengths just to avoid paying up. One of the first things insurance companies will check before paying out on any claim is that the information provided by you is accurate. As they go through this information if they happen to come across any discrepancies or any outright lies then you can be sure that they will invalidate your policy, leaving you with a real headache regarding how you will go about paying for any damage or legal fees arising from an accident.

One small example of this could be if you have modified the vehicle in any way, perhaps adding a spoiler or some new alloys without informing the insurance company, this could well invalidate your policy. Another example might be whether you use your car for business use or not. If you have told the insurance company that you don’t use the car for business purposes when getting a quote but when making a claim they discover that you do in fact use it for business purposes, well this could again invalidate your policy.

As we mentioned earlier if you also fail to mention any problems you may have had with an insurance company in the past or any claims that you have made – whether they were your fault or the fault of a third party – then this could also cause problems. The same goes for any driving convictions you may have had. Insurance companies share information with each other to prevent people from committing insurance fraud and although you may not be trying to defraud anybody the insurance company will only look at the facts and sadly not your intentions.

Take it seriously

So when you are getting a quote be sure to take all of the questions asked seriously and give accurate answers to them. It may result in your insurance quote being a little – or a lot – higher than you might like, but it’s surely better than paying out for insurance for months and then being involved in an accident, only to find out that you’re not covered after all. Try and remember that insurance companies are businesses at the end of the day and they are in it to make money, so if they can find a way to not have to pay out on your claim then they will. The best thing then is to not give them any reason not to pay out.

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