How to Avoid a Costly Mistake When Buying an Older Car

A friend just called me to tell me that his new car had broken down and left him stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Actually, when I say new car I mean that it is new to him. The best way to describe it is as a vintage vehicle that has been around the block more than a few times. So how can you avoid a mistake when buying an older car like this?

Is third party car insurance always cheaper?

I can remember well the time leading up to insuring my first car. I was getting quote after quote on different makes and models as I tried to make up my mind as to which car was right for me.

Skoda Fabia Review and Insurance Group

The days in which the Skoda brand was a laughing matter are long gone now. These days, Skoda is seen as being a car manufacturer that brings out affordable models that are reliable and look pretty good. The fact that the Czech company is now part of the Volkswagen Group means that it has a lot of weight behind it and is now seen as being a good choice by many car buyers.

Toyota Yaris Insurance Group and Review

There are lots of classy small cars around these days and the stylish Toyota Yaris is definitely one of the best looking ones around.

Having said that, the appeal of the Yaris isn’t just built around its good looks. This is a compact car that has become incredibly popular across the world for a number of good reasons.

Some Popular Small Cars in the UK

Although it is not always the case it quite often works out that smaller city cars end up being cheaper to insure. They’re also good first cars to own because their lack of power will usually also help to keep you out of trouble. So what are some of the most popular small cars in the UK? Here are a few seasoned favourites.