Which Vehicles Are Exempt from UK Road Tax?

Any saving you can make on the cost of running your car has got to be a good thing, hasn’t it? This is why it makes sense to check out which vehicles are currently exempt from road tax in the UK.

Having a car that doesn’t need road tax is a big money saver and there are more types of vehicle covered by this rule than you might think.

Vehicles for Use by Disabled People

There are a few different categories concerning vehicles for disabled people. The first one is for those cars which are used by a disabled driver. In other cases, it is for vehicles other than ambulances that are used by organisations to provide transport for disabled people. Finally, mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs and invalid carriages are exempt from this tax as well. It is worth pointing out that this last point only applies if they have had a device fitted that limits them to 8mph on the road and 4mph on the pavement.

Historic Vehicles

You might not realise that certain historic vehicles are also exempt from road tax. This applies to those cars that were made before 1975. If you have always wanted to drive a fabulous classic car then this tax exemption might just make it that little bit easier for you to do so. Of course, you might find that maintaining it is more costly than the road tax would have been, but that is a point for another day. If you want a historic car to look good in then this is one extras reason to start working out if it is maybe practical later all.

Electric or Steam Powered Vehicles

The fact that they are exempt from road tax is one of the best reasons for choosing an electric car these days. The good news is that we can probably expect to see more electric cars on sale for lower prices in the coming years. Plans to add more charging stations across the UK will also give more of us a chance to take advantage of this type of cheap option to run vehicle. The exact rules state that the power has to come from an electric storage battery or from an external source. What this means is that it can’t use an electric source in addition to conventional fuel methods. What you may not know is that steam powered vehicles are also exempt, although to be fair these are less commonly seen on the roads just now.

Mowing Machines and Agricultural, Horticultural and Forestry Vehicles

There are a few types of vehicle that are covered in this section. Perhaps an obvious exemption from road tax is the type of vehicle known as mowers. These need to have been designed and built exclusively for cutting grass to be counted. Also exempt are many vehicles which are used exclusively for agricultural, horticultural and forestry purposes. This covers the likes of tractors and off road agricultural vehicles. Those vehicles which only spend a very limited amount of time on public roads are also excluded from the need for road tax.

One point to bear in mind is that you need to apply or road tax even if you own a vehicle that is on this exemption list. It is easy to do this and you can follow the online instructions on the official UK Government site. If you use a car on this list of excluded vehicles then it means one less car-related expense to worry about.

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