3 ways to get a cheap car insurance quote

If you are buying car insurance for the very first time, you may be unsure of even the most basic of things that you can do to get a cheap car insurance quote. If you are then here are 3 simple things you could do to get the cheapest car insurance quote possible.

Use ALL the comparison sites

Again, if this is your first time purchasing car insurance you might assume that all of the car insurance comparison sites are the same and that all will offer the same prices as a result. In practice this just isn’t the case though. Some comparison sites, like confused.com for example, may have special discounts arranged with certain lenders to make them more competitive, some lenders may be listed on one comparison site but not on another. Also some comparison sites might offer cash back, Nectar points or even Clubcard points if you buy your car insurance policy through them, reducing the overall cost of the cover.

Don’t rely on comparison sites

Comparison sites are great and they have revolutionised the car insurance industry since their introduction around the start of the millennium. Even now though there are still some quite big car insurance companies that don’t use comparison sites to sell their policies – Direct Line being one well known one. Some insurers might also give bigger discounts to customers who choose to come to them direct and not through a comparison site. With this in mind then there are a couple of things you need to do.

Firstly, find out which insurers or websites do not currently use comparison engines to sell their policies and then get individual quotes from them. Secondly, if you do go through a comparison site and you manage to find a really cheap car insurance quote, be sure to get a direct quote from the company too on their own company website or even over the telephone. As we said earlier, you might just find that the car insurance quote offered to you as a direct customer is cheaper than the quote being offered through the comparison website.

Use Cashback websites

Each time a comparison website sells a car insurance policy to someone like you, they then get a commission from the insurer they sold it for. Cashback websites such as Quidco and Topcashback offer to share some of that commission with you the buyer if you go through them instead, meaning they make a bit and you make a bit and we are not talking pennies. It is not uncommon to be offered £30 or £40 – or sometimes more – from a cashback website if you organise your car insurance policy through them. So if you want to save money and find a cheaper quote, firstly you need to do what we have suggested in steps 1 and 2 to find the cheapest car insurance quotes available and then you need to check out each of the cashback websites to see if any of them are offering cashback from the insurers who gave you the cheapest quotes. Once you have done all of this it should be quite easy for you to grab a calculator and a pen and paper and work out which is the cheapest quote overall after the cashback value has been taken into account

I hope that – as a first time car insurance buyer – you have found some of these tips useful and that they help you to save a few pounds when you next get a car insurance quote. By taking just a little time to search for the best deals available you could easily saves hundreds of pounds on your annual premium, so it will definitely be worth the effort.

What tips do you have for someone looking to get a cheaper car insurance quote?

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