5 things that can bump up the cost of car insurance

When you first get a quote for car insurance the cost of it can come as quite a shock. Perhaps you are confused as to why your quote has turned out to be so expensive? If this is how you feel then perhaps it is good to consider some of the things that can bump up the cost of your car insurance quote to try and explain your high quote price.


Age can play a big role in how much you are likely to be quoted for car insurance. As a general rule, young drivers are likely to be charged significantly more money than older drivers for car insurance. Some insurers may also specialise in lending to the elderly in order to give them a better price or service.

A Lack of No Claims Discount

For each year that you hold a car insurance policy without making a claim, your insurer will give you a year of no claims discount. This will then lower the cost of your next car insurance quote by a certain percentage amount. The more years no claims discount you build up, the bigger the discount you will receive on your quote. Car insurance companies will usually allow you to pay a little extra to protect this no claims discount once it has built up to 5 years.

Previous Convictions or Offences

If you have any previous motoring convictions or offenses, such as a speeding ticket or a ban from driving for example – then this will usually bump up the cost of insurance considerably and some insurers may refuse to give you a quote altogether. After a period of time these offenses may drop off your record and will therefore stop affecting you, leaving you with a cheaper quote. Until then however your premium will be increased.

Previous Accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident in which you were the driver then this will likely increase the cost of your car insurance premiums. Usually you will be asked what happened, who was at fault and what was the monetary amount of the claim. This will then decide the premium you will be offered. Again the accident will stop being taken into consideration by insurers after a period of time which can differ from insurer to insurer.

Modified Vehicles

Another factor which can affect the cost of your insurance is whether the vehicle you are looking to insure has had any modifications made to it. Modifications to a vehicle can affect its look – possibly making it more attractive to thieves – and it could also affect the speed and safety of the vehicle – meaning you may be more likely to crash it. This all means that modified vehicles may be subject to increased insurance premiums.

What about Gender?

Although gender did use to be taken into account when calculating insurance premiums, an EU ruling a few years ago made this practice illegal and it is no longer allowed to be taken into account when calculating premiums.

So there we have it, 5 factors which might increase the cost of your car insurance quote and one which won’t.

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