Hi, I’m Adam and I set up The Cheapest Cars To Insure to help motorists easily find the cheapest cars to insure in the UK and also to understand how car insurance works a bit better. Of course, the end result that I want to achieve is to help car buyers get their insurance sorted out at a reasonable price.

I have worked in the insurance industry in the past, so I know that getting insured is essential for your peace of mind as well as to stay on the right side of the law. However, I also understand that car insurance is something that none of us really like to pay for! How many of us crumple up our nose in disgust when an insurance renewal notice comes through the post? A lot more than those who punch the air in delight, that’s for sure. So that’s where The Cheapest Cars to Insure comes in, we’ll show you how to keep premiums lower and your bank balance higher.

When you buy a car it is easy to get carried away with the excitement of making such a big purchase, especially if it is your first ever vehicle. Whether it is a brand new car or one which has been around the block a bit you will still feel as though owning it means that a new chapter is going to open up in your life.

What you don’t want to do is agree to buy it and then receive the crushing news that it is going to cost you a fortune to get it insured. No matter how much you love the look or the performance of the vehicle you are going to feel pretty disappointed if it works out that the cost of the insurance is going to leave your finances in a bad way for the foreseeable future. No car is worth that sort of hassle, especially when it can be so easily avoided.

I decided to use my experience in the insurance business to put together a site which would let my visitors know exactly how motor insurance works in the UK and how they can find a car which suits them and doesn’t cost a huge amount in premiums.  You probably already have an idea about this and I aim to fill in the blanks and give some good, practical advice.

There are some terrific cars out there which will do a great job for you without eating up too much of your income in insurance premiums. If you follow some of the tips on my blog then I hope that you will find one which is perfect for you and which you can get a low cost insurance policy on.

Finally I know that sometimes cheap isn’t always best so we’ll be reviewing a few of the most popular cheap cars to insure to see if they might end up costing you more in maintenance costs than you would have paid in insurance costs.

Anyway that’s enough from me and I hope you enjoy our blog. If you do please tell your friends about it!

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