Car Insurance Companies not on Comparison Sites

Although car insurance comparison sites are a great way for people to quickly shop around and find a cheap car insurance deal, they can also lead to many people missing out on a deal. This is because there are still some car insurance companies out there who choose not to list their insurance products on comparison sites. In order to find the very best deal then, you really need to know what car insurance companies are not on comparison sites.

There are many smaller car insurance companies out there who probably don’t appear on comparison sites, but we won’t worry too much about those. Instead we’ll concentrate on the two BIG players in the car insurance market who you should definitely take the time to get a quote from before purchasing car insurance through a comparison site.

Direct Line

We’ve all seen the adverts of the little red car telephone driving around, haven’t we? Despite the big marketing campaign though, it can be easy to forget about Direct Line when shopping around for car insurance. Direct Line is an aptly named company because if you want to deal with them then you will have to go direct as they don’t appear on comparison sites.

Direct line has been offering car insurance to the public since 1985 when they were established as an insurance arm of The Royal Bank of Scotland. You might be surprised to hear that Direct Line also owns some other pretty big companies including Churchill and Green Flag – The car breakdown recovery service.


Aviva are another huge player in car insurance who chose not to market their products through car insurance comparison sites. Aviva has been around since the start of the millennium but they only started using the name Aviva as the face for their brand in April 2008 when they decided to get rid of and phase out their former name Norwich Union.

Why don’t they appear on comparison sites?

The theory behind a car insurance company not appearing on comparison sites is that they can pass on any savings they make from not having to pay commission to comparison sites to you, the customer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a cheaper deal from these companies though, as car insurance companies are always raising and lowering their quotes to customers depending on how much they want your business at the time.

What about Cashback sites?

What I did find interesting while researching this post is that both Direct Line and Aviva do currently appear on popular Cashback sites, meaning there could be some great savings to be made there.

Keep an eye out for exclusive deals

One final thing to keep in mind is that even when a car insurance company does list with comparison sites, they do still sometimes offer a better discount if you were to buy with them direct. They obviously wouldn’t advertise this on a comparison site as they would likely lose you as a customer. So if you do find a couple of really good quotes on a comparison site, it is always worth checking out the insurers websites directly to see if they offer a better discount for direct customers. Otherwise, Aviva and Direct Line are the big ones to check out.

Do you know of any other big car insurance companies not on comparison sites?

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