Driving Holidays and Car Insurance When Travelling Abroad

Is there a greater feeling in the world than the one you get when you take your car away on holiday with you? The immense sensation of freedom that comes with heading off abroad with your vehicle is certainly hard to beat but what about the practical issues involved in this?

Rather than letting worries about driving in a foreign country ruin the mood or put you off the idea altogether, why not find out first of all about the insurance and the other different points to bear in mind?

Do Some Research

Apart from the side of the road they drive on, there are a number of different factors to take into account when you are planning on driving in another country. For example, the road signs may be different from the ones you are used to. Speed limits may also be different and even the traffic laws can vary more than you might think. A good example of this comes with the French breathalyser law, which you will want to research before you drive there. Don’t forget that language problems can also be made a lot easier by looking into it and finding the most common driving words before you leave home.

Plan Your Route

Varying your route and enjoying the experience as much as possible is a fantastic idea when you are close to home and comfortable with the roads. However, when you are in a foreign country this can be a lot more difficult to do. To make sure that you can drive without any stress and don’t get lost you should plan your route well. Getting the satnav maps for the country you are going to is a great idea, to make sure that you can cope with any unexpected problems or doubts along the way.

The Insurance Aspect

Ok, so with those other practical matters out of the way we can now concentrate on what you need to do with your insurance. Probably the first point to consider right away is whether you are going to be taking your own car or hiring one. Hiring a car can be a smart move, as it means that you can pick it up from wherever you want and start your driving holiday from there. This means that you can do the first part of the journey more quickly and without having to drive all those roads close to home that you probably already know like the back of your hand. When hiring a car abroad or for taking abroad you should check what level of insurance cover is included and what the excess is.

If you choose to drive your own car then you will want to advise your insurance company about the trip. For the trips you make inside the European Union your UK policy should give you the minimum legal cover required, although you will want to check this. You could ask your insurer about extending this and getting full cover, which would cost you some money.

The internationally recognised proof of insurance is called a green card. Technically this isn’t needed to drive in the EU or in certain other countries (Iceland, Andorra, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia and Serbia at the time of writing). If you are thinking of driving to a non EU country then you need to ask your insurer if they can issue you with a green card and how much it would cost. Even if you are staying in the EU you might want to ask if they can give you a green card, if you think that this would make you feel more comfortable.

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