Renault Clio Insurance Group and Review

The Renault Clio is one of those cars which seem to have been around forever. If you can still remember the first UK TV adverts featuring Nicola and Papa from the early 1990’s then it is clear that this is a vehicle with a bit of history behind it. 

The Story So Far

The Renault Clio was first launched back in 1990 and proved to be pretty much an instant success. It has twice been voted European Car of the Year (1991 and 2006) and continues to be hugely popular over 3 decades since it was first launched. This highly successful super-mini has undergone some changes over the years. The current model is the fourth generation of the Clio and this latest model is from 2012 onward. The first minor changes to the vehicle occurred after just 1 year of production, although you will have to look very closely to see the differences between a 1990 Clio and a 1991 one (basically the badge and the front seats). The first major changes happened in 1994, although the differences were again mainly cosmetic in nature. We need to jump forward to 1996 to see some engine changes to the model. However, 1998 was the first year in which we were to see a radically altered Renault Clio. This is when the 2nd generation came out and it was a rounder and more visually pleasing car than the previous ones. The next big changes happened in 2001, as it was brought more up to date and made more stylish. New models and upgrades have been made on a number of occasions since, with different models being produced for various markets across the planet. All of this means that there are a wide range of different Clio’s on the road, which is good news for anyone who likes a lot of choice when buying a new car.

Why Choose One?

As a good value vehicle which is easy to drive and looks good the Renault Clio is hard to beat. They give a decent level of performance and are also regarded as being fuel efficient and cheap to run. Of course, if you want something a bit classier than the basic model then there are also a number of higher end Clio’s which offer features such as good quality entertainment systems and a sportier look. On the down side, if you are after luxury you will be left a little bit disappointed by the slightly cheap feel to the plastics inside the car. Finally, the range of models currently on the road means that you should be able to find one with the features you want as well as hunt for one at the right price.

The Insurance Group

The Renault Clio is one of the vehicles you should consider if you want cheap insurance. The newer models start off on group 7, which should get you a reasonable insurance quote. In this group you will find the likes of the Expression 1.2 16v 5 door model from 2013 onwards. If we move up to group 8 then we can see the Dynamique 1.2 16v 5 door from 2013. You will then find a lot of models in the following groups and there is even one as high as group 14 (GT Line 120 EDC 5 door). If you are looking at sport models then there are a couple from the Clio Renaultsport line from 2013 that come in at a whopping insurance group 29. Older models tend to be grouped in and around insurance group 8 and 10, with some of the higher end cars obviously being putting into a higher group. There is no doubt that it is a good idea to check out the insurance group and to get a quote from a comparison site if you find a specific Clio model you are interested in buying. A difference of just a couple of insurance groups can make a substantial difference to the amount you pay in insurance each year.

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