The 5 Cheapest Cars for 2016

If you are planning take take your driving test, buy your first car or perhaps you are just looking for a newer cheap vehicle in 2016, then perhaps one of the following cheap cars might be right for you. Most are available now but we have focused this list with 2016 in mind.

Dacia Sandero – Under £6000

The Dacia Sandero is the cheapest of our cheap cars for 2016 and it really does cut down on the excesses to bring you this cheap price. Coming in at just under £6000 this budget brand vehicle from Renault is known for its spacious interior and surprising practicality. The Sandero also incorporates Renault’s latest fuel-saving technology, meaning it is also an efficient runner.

Renault Twizy – £6895

The Twizy is really a car, I promise. 🙂 The Renault Twizy is a tiny electric car which boasts a massive 2 seats – excuse the sarcasm – and a futuristic design. Its tiny size makes the Twizy a true city car, though in all honesty it will probably not be for you. The sides of the car are completely open to the weather, though there is an option to add some zip-on plastic covers. All this being said, it is still classed as a car, you need a standard license to drive it and it’s cheap, so it therefore belongs on our list of cheap cars for 2016.

Dacia Logan – £6995

The second Dacia on our list, the Dacia Logan is a budget estate car for those who are in need of a bigger – yet cheap – option. At £6995 the price is clearly great for this type of vehicle. This does come at a cost though, as some of the most basic features we have come to expect in a new car like electric windows and even a radio are not included in the base version of the car. You can buy them as extras if you want them, though. The Dacia Logan does however come with plenty of space and a smooth ride, so perhaps this could be the cheap family car you have been looking for?

Vauxhall Viva – £7995

The Viva was originally launched back in 1963 but it has recently been revamped by Vauxhall for our modern age. The Vauxhall Viva certainly doesn’t look cheap and with an insurance group rating of 3 it is sure to be an attractive option for younger drivers. You also get a lot of bits and bobs with the Viva such as cruise control and lane departure warnings, so again it isn’t a car where every corner has been cut to bring down the cost.

Suzuki Celerio – £7,999

The Suzuki Celerio is another cheap car which comes with a lot of kit as standard. For example, the Celerio boasts alloy wheels and features such as air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and a DAB radio. You can also upgrade to get extra features such as electric rear windows, coloured trim to match the body of the car, and a four-speaker stereo system. The Celerio has been designed for city use, so don’t expect to be going hell for leather in it! You will get a nice economical car at an equally nice price, though.

So there we have it, 5 of the cheapest cars you can buy in 2016. Each of them have their different pros and cons but if you are looking for a cheap car to drive then I’m sure that at least one of these will come close to fitting the bill!

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