The Chevrolet Spark Insurance Group and Review

The Chevrolet Spark is a fun little city car that started off life as the Daewoo Matiz and is now sold all over the world. In the US, the Spark is available as an electric car while in the UK it is more conventionally powered but still offers a low cost and efficient way of getting around.

The History

Back at the end of the 20th century the Daewoo Matiz entered production. General Motors bought out Daewoo in 2002 and started to move this little car on to the Chevrolet badge. The second generation model was brought out in 2005 and the third generation appeared in 2010. The name and specifications are different in different parts of the world but the car is recognisably the same in all of its incarnations. In 2013 the first electric only models were launched in selected regions of the USA, although no word on when this option will be available in Europe is yet available.

The Current Model

The current model of the Chevrolet Spark on sale in the UK is fantastic to look at and appears to have been well designed. The interior space includes a lot of clever touches, making it appear a lot roomier and more practical than it might seem to be from the outside. Despite having a low price tag and being part of the economy city car market, there is a lot to like about the Spark and how it looks.

The Good and Bad Points

This model offers just about every single thing you would want from a city car. It is cheap to buy, has low running costs, looks good and is easy to handle. Despite this, some reviewers have rated it as less than impressive, with some car experts perhaps seeing it as uninspiring and without an especially interesting performance or a lot of speed. Having said that, for nipping about the city streets and getting parked easily it ticks all the right boxes. If you aren’t planning on using this car for speeding down the motorway at a terrifying speed then you should be quite pleased with what if offers.

Who Would Buy One?

The interesting thing about the city car market these days is that it has such a broad appeal. There are people of all ages, levels of driving experience and backgrounds who want a good looking little vehicle that they can zip around town in. With this in mind, it isn’t easy to put your finger one specific group of drivers who would be most interested in buying one. Basically, anyone who wants to do a lot of city driving and doesn’t fancy spending a lot of money on it should at least consider the Chevrolet Spark.

The Insurance Group

One of the best aspects of the Spark is that when people compare car insurance quotes they find that some models are incredibly cheap to insure. For example, the 1.0i 5 door model comes in at group 1, which is the lowest insurance group possible. Other popular models have a group 3, 4 of 5 rating, while there is even a Spark as high as group 10.


We can’t all like the same cars. Indeed, the world would be an extremely boring place if we all drove around in the same models. There are sure to be plenty of drivers who consider the Spark to be a bit dull. However, there are bound to be as many people who see it as being ideal for them. It certainly has a lot of good points to it that make it a car well worth taking a look at if value and economy are more important to you than raw power.

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