The Peace of Mind a Car Warranty Can Bring

When I was 17 years old – seems like a long time ago now – I started doing one of the most important things you can do in life, learning to drive. Fortunately for once in my life I actually had some financial help as my aunty kindly paid for my first 10 lessons and within 4 months, I’d passed. Like most young people though, after forking out for the rest of my driving lessons, a provisional licence, my test and then accounting for insurance costs, I quickly realised that there wasn’t going to be too much left in the pot to actually buy a car with. So I took my measly £300 pound and went and bought an old banged up fiesta which obviously, didn’t have a car warranty!

Life without a warranty

For the first couple of months all was well. The car was getting me from A to B and I was enjoying life as a driver, it didn’t take long for things to start going wrong though. The car slowly began to fall apart bit by bit. Repair bill after repair bill kept putting unexpected dents into my bank account and at times – when the repair bills were of a larger amount – the money just wasn’t there, meaning I was paying for tax and insurance on a car that I couldn’t even use. This situation went on for years with different cars until one day I eventually got fed up and decided to go for a newer car on finance instead.

Life with a warranty

The car I bought from my local dealership was a nice, sporty looking black Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXI, you can probably tell that I was proud of it. Again the first few months were great and I didn’t have any problems, to be expected from a newer car I guess. Simply buying a newer car doesn’t mean that you won’t run into problems though, and sure enough a problem came up. One day I was driving along and I heard a bit of a clinking sound. I took it to the dealership and they looked at it for me, for free! Well I wasn’t used to this and I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t paying them a penny. If I remember rightly it turned out to be a problem with the suspension and ordinarily it would have been quite an expensive problem to fix, especially getting it done at the dealership. They took the car from me to be fixed and even gave me a courtesy car to see me through while they fixed it, again for free.

Is it worth paying for a newer car?

On that day I made the decision that as long as I could reasonably afford it I was always going to buy a newer car, not brand new but new enough that it would stay within warranty for the majority of any finance deal I took out to pay for it. Since then, I have never had to worry about car trouble and – although the finance payments have been an extra monthly outgoing – at least I have been able to plan for them in my monthly budget rather than being hit with horrendous unexpected bills. Most people should have some kind of savings for these unexpected expenses of course and these days I do, but when I was young I simply wasn’t disciplined enough for that. It also helped me to be more reliable for the customers of my self-employed business.

Check the details of any warranty

One thing I was told from an early age is to be sure to check the details of any warranty deal to make sure it’s all it is cracked up to be. Many companies try to sneak silly little disclaimers in their warranties meaning the peace of mind you think exists, actually doesn’t in reality.

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