What do you look for when buying a new car?

Although The Cheapest Cars to Insure focuses on the cost of car insurance as being the main factor in buying decisions when looking for a new vehicle, we also know that there are many other important things that people look for when they are about to purchase their first or a new vehicle. To only look at the Insurance group is certainly practical but let’s face it, to only look at that would be pretty dull and we’d basically all be driving around in the same car. So what other things do you look for when buying a new car? Let’s look at some common considerations.


The chances are that if you’re looking at this website then speed probably isn’t your main priority, possibly it is though? Maybe you’re browsing through trying to find the cheapest fast cars to insure. Well this has certainly given me an idea for a new blog post so be sure to follow us on social media and stay tuned for that one. I have to admit that when I was younger I did want my car to have a bit of a kick, just for those times when you want to feel a rush. Now I’m a little older I don’t feel the urge as much but it’s still nice to think that there is a little bit of something under the bonnet.


Could the style or look of a car be enough to put you off buying it even though it’s cheap to insure? It does play a part for many people. When I bought my first car my mechanic advised me to go for a Fiat because they we’re so cheap to insure but I really didn’t like the look of them. In the end I went for a classic Ford Fiesta which wasn’t the most stylish car on earth but it was still a lot nicer than the Fiat, in my eyes anyway. That’s the beauty of life though isn’t it? We all have different tastes and sometimes those tastes might lead us to pay a little more on insurance than we might need to. Is the style or look of a car an important factor to you?


Do you care about the make of the car? If the Fiat’s I mentioned a minute ago were a nicer shape then I’d have no problem with buying a Fiat, I’m not sure whether I’d be up for driving a Skoda though. Even now I’m a bit older and have a family I still can’t see myself in a Skoda and the same goes for a Volvo even though they are considered to be some of the safest cars around. I know I’m at risk of coming across fussy here but I think most of us have brand preferences and if you can afford to be a little choosy then why not be?

Reliability and Cost of Parts

This is an aspect I actually do take seriously when buying a car. The reason I went for the Fiesta instead of something like a Renault when I bought my first car is that my trusty mechanic told me to think about reliability. Research has shown that French cars are notoriously unreliable and although Japanese cars are renowned for their reliability their parts are also known for being expensive and hard to get hold of when things do go wrong. Is the cost of parts something you would take into consideration? What cars would you recommend for reliability and cost of repair? I’m not so sure on the reliability of fords nowadays I should state.

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  1. Andy Bland says:

    Since I’m not too flashy, I prefer reliability and affordability

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